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egta regularly releases publications anchored in the members’ day-to-day reality. Discover our business guidebooks, overviews as well as regular publications. Click on the button to view the relevant section or scroll down.



Automated & programmatic marketing. An egta publication on data-driven advertising sales for television & radio


The objective of this publication is two-fold: firstly, to analyse the environment in which programmatic trading has developed as a powerful marketing concept; and secondly, to provide insights on how broadcasters may apply the underlying principles of programmatic to radio and TV, delivered by both linear and non-linear means.


» Printed versions of both publications are available upon request for all egta members. For non-members, specific conditions can be discussed with Matthew Carver. Please consider that in all cases, shipping costs are to be covered by the recipient. 


Overview and analysis of existing pricing models and trading tools for spot advertising (TV & RADIO)


egta issued a special compilation on sales & pricing methods currently used by TV and radio advertising sales houses across Europe with a look at what is coming next and the opportunities and challenges behind automated marketing. This publications aims at providing a reference framework to all those who are questioning their current practice and are searching for new ideas with regards to inventory management, revenue optimisation and improved sales practices.


» Printed versions of both publications are available upon request for all egta members. For non-members, specific conditions can be discussed with Caroline Brasseur. Please consider that in all cases, shipping costs are to be covered by the recipient.


AVMSD: Practical guidelines on the implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive

This publication gives a broad overview of the implementation of the AVMSD in different national markets. It also contains a detailed section on national and European case law relating to the transposition of the Directive up and until publication. 


» A printed version of this publication is available upon request for all egta members. For non-members, specific conditions can be discussed with Conor Murray. Please consider that in all cases, shipping costs are to be covered by the recipient.

EGTA insights & briefs

egta insights
since 01/2015

Topical briefs on relevant TV & Radio subjects - to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness on the latest developments related audio-visual advertising.

» egta insight No1: Unlocking the new era of connectivity (01/2015)

» egta insight No2: Over-the-top television services: a European perspective (03/2015)  |  Download

» egta insight No3: Radio audience measurement in Europe (05/2015)  |  Download

» egta insight No4: Advances in Hybrid Television Audience Measurement (01/2016)  | Download

» egta insight No5: Online Audio Hybrid Audience Measurement (01/2016) | Download

» egta insight No6: Adblocking: strategies for television and radio broadcasters (06/2016) | Download

» egta collections: An egta overview of TV & radio promotion (10/2016) | Download

» NEW: egta insight 07: Making data work for radio (02/2017) | Download

» NEW: egta insight 08: Making data work for TV (02/2017) | Download

» NEW: egta insight 09: Radio aggregators (06/2017) | Download


egta regulatory issue briefs on audiovisual advertising
since 10/2014

egta’s regulatory issue briefs aim at providing an overview and analysis on key policy areas for broadcasters and EU institutions alike.

» Audiovisual convergence. The AVMSD and the future of broadcasting regulation (10/2014)  |  Download

» Information privacy. Data protection and Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) (10/2014)  |  Download

» Alcohol advertising. Responsible commercial communications for alcoholic beverages (10/2014)  |  Download

» Food advertising. Food and beverage advertising and responsible advertising for children (10/2014)  |  Download

» Gambling. Commercial communications for gambling services (10/2014)  |  Download

» e-cigarette advertising. Advertising for electronic cigarettes and tobacco products (01/2015)  |  Download

egtabites (case studies)

ideas worth sharing

Each week, egta publishes an idea worth sharing, a success story from one of our members. Typical features include snapshots about an advertiser-related case study, an industry initiative, a specific multi-platform campaign or a piece of best practice. These short articles help promote TV and radio as efficient advertising and communication media in the digital environment. Get inspired by innovative ideas!

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 Guidelines & other documents

egta guidelines for the future of audiovisual audience measurement


egta believes it is important not only to contribute to the debate about the evolution of audience measurement tools - and as a result, of planning and trading currencies, but it is crucial to allow broadcasters and their sales house to drive change and lay the foundations for any future solution. The guidelines are the result of working group meetings, communications with members as well as discussions with industry partners.






post-event reports from egta's study trip to New York 2015 (TV & RADIO)


egta has published two post-event reports from its Study Trip to New York that took place in October 2015. These documents are available upon request for all egta members. Please contact Yuri Loburets (for radio) and Caroline Brasseur (for TV) should you wish to access the reports.




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