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egta members can contact the team each time they have a question related to television/video or radio/audio advertising.

In so doing, they can benchmark themselves against other similar companies in Europe and beyond, and feed answers and learnings directly into their strategies and decision-making. The answers to members' questions may be found in existing databases or by drawing on work carried out on a similar topic in the past. If not, egta conducts surveys either amongst the whole of its membership or, when appropriate, in smaller subsets of members.

How does it work?

egta works on a "give and take"-basis : Please note that the results of surveys conducted by egta are made available to members who contributed to the survey. If you don't have access to a certain document despite being logged in as a member, it means that your company did not contribute to a given question. Don't worry, you can request the empty questionnaire at all times, and we shall open the access to the full set of answers the minute you send us back your answers.


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Compilation of radio case studies - creative and non spot advertising formats (RADIO)

13 December 2018

Examples of creative and non spot advertising formats from egta members incl. branded content, sponsorship, events etc.


Request on voice assistants and smart speakers (RADIO)

13 December 2018

Compilation of reseach and charts regarding sales, penetration and usage habits.


Request on the state of RAM in Europe, challenges and future developments (RADIO)

13 December 2018

A presentation that summarises current state of RAM in Europe and looks at challenges and future developments.
Additional resources on this topic:


Request on recruiting private research panel to get feedback from viewers (TV & Radio)

5 November 2018

A request providing examples from broadcasters that are recruiting their own private research panel to obtain feedback from viewers. Includes examples of incentives, recruitment methods and types of queries.


Request on daily average advertising time, sell-out rates and average spot length

1 November 2018

Requests about average advertising time, sell-out rates and average spot lengths among member companies.


Request quality KPIs used on top of audience figures for programming decision (TV)

22 August 2018

A request providing insights on the potential additional quality KPIs used by broadcasters to decide on the relevance of a programme, on top of audience figures.


Request on ad break ratings (TV)

20 July 2018

An overview of sales houses' practice on the incusion or exclusion of bumpers and channels visuals within the ad break ratings.


Request on branded content business model (TV)

13 July 2018

A request looking at how do sales houses organise their branded content work, how independently is the dedicated department working and do they hire freelancers.


Request on Product placement and branded content revenue share and effectiveness (TV)

28 June 2018

A request providing a broader overview of the revenue share and effectiveness of product placement and branded content formats for sales houses across the egta network.


Request sponsorship pricing and reporting (TV)

8 June 2018

egta request on the basis used by sales house to price and report sponsorship formats.


Request on HD channels (TV)

31 May 2018

egta request on the reasons for TV channels to switch from SD to HD


Request on online spin-off and extensions of TV series and shows

3 May 2018

egta survey looking at online spin-offs (online series derived and featuring one or several characters from a TV series) and extensions (app, game, website, videos, etc.) of TV series and shows, and the related monetisation opportunities.


Request on online video ad platforms (TV)

19 April 2018

egta request on publishers' experiences with different ad platforms used to monetize online video (standard and programmatic).


Request on prime time advertising (TV)

13 April 2018

egta request on prime time definition and adload


Request on special advertising formats (TV)

9 April 2018

egta request looking into the weight and evolution of special advertising formats within sales houses' total TV advertising revenue


Request on third party data tracking (TV)

5 April 2018

egta request looking at rules and policies implemented by sales houses on data sharing and third party data tracking


Survey on FMCG products advertised on radio (RADIO)

29 March 2018

Survey on the FMCG products advertised on radio


Request on display ad platforms (TV)

12 March 2018

egta request on the various display ad platforms used by publishers in the egta network.


Request on gaming and betting advertisers (TV)

9 March 2018

egta request on gaming and betting advertisers and the kind of TV programmes they sponsor in different markets.


Compilation of material on the complementarity of OTT and linear TV (TV)

7 March 2018

egta compilation of articles, presentations and studies on the complementarity of OTT and linear TV in times of anxiety from broadcasters to cannibalize their core revenues.


Compilation of material on the application of blockchain in advertising and marketing (TV)

7 March 2018

egta compilation of articles and studies on how will blockchain be applied to advertising and marketing, going through the potential challenges, opportunities and impact.



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