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egta members can contact the team each time they have a question related to television/video or radio/audio advertising.

In so doing, they can benchmark themselves against other similar companies in Europe and beyond, and feed answers and learnings directly into their strategies and decision-making. The answers to members' questions may be found in existing databases or by drawing on work carried out on a similar topic in the past. If not, egta conducts surveys either amongst the whole of its membership or, when appropriate, in smaller subsets of members.

How does it work?

egta works on a "give and take"-basis : Please note that the results of surveys conducted by egta are made available to members who contributed to the survey. If you don't have access to a certain document despite being logged in as a member, it means that your company did not contribute to a given question. Don't worry, you can request the empty questionnaire at all times, and we shall open the access to the full set of answers the minute you send us back your answers.


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Request on Dynamic Pop-up (self-promo) optimal frequency

29 June 2020

The request looks into dynamic pop-up/banners that appear on the TV screen announcing the next program or schedule changes etc. These self-promo messages generally appear just for a few seconds in some sort of creative box, pop-up or banner as an overlay to the ongoing programme.



24 June 2020

This egta compilation is focused on the commercial side of the radio business and specifically on the immediate responses of radio sales teams to the challenges associated with the COVID-19 crisis during the spring of 2020.


In this overview we have grouped the insights gathered from egta members into the following categories:

  • CLIENT RETENTION TACTICS – how to keep advertisers on air;
  • PROSPECTION TACTICS – new categories, new advertisers, new approaches to business development;


Radio initiatives in times of COVID: Ideas for Your Radio Station

29 May 2020

Cases and examples of initiatives taken by radio companies during the COVID crisis. Includes cases in area of Music & concerts, Helping the community, local businesses, supporting essential workers, Entertaining listeners & their families and Bringing listeners together.


The impact of COVID: egta Strategy Toolkit

27 May 2020

Early on in the COVID crisis, the egta team launched this unique tool to help your teams stay informed, inspired and prepared to take the necessary emergency measures to tackle the crisis and prepare the industry for its future recovery. This document compiles ideas on business tactics to retain existing clients, special packages, general trends in programming, new formats and content, initiatives for viewer and listener retention and much more.


Request on communication about the lockdown

20 May 2020

egta request on exploring the communication about the end of the lockdown


egta request on effects of COVID on radio listening

1 April 2020

egta compilation of figures of rado listening during the COVID pandemic


Request on impact of COVID-19 and lockdown measures on the radio audience measurement (RAM) across Europe (Radio)

25 March 2020

The immediate impact of lockdown measures on the radio audience measurement largely depends on data collection methodology and and data reporting period. This summary offers insights from various markets and their approach.



Request on workflow software (TV)

28 February 2020

This request looks into the platform/provider/application that sales house is using for workflow airtime sales contracts.


Request on Total Video Offer (TV)

24 February 2020

The request looks into the insights from various markets where multi-screen offers are available.



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