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Atmedia CZ

Type: TV

Country: Czech Republic

Address: Krakovská 7– 110 00 Praha 1

Phone: + 420 222 998 714


Stakeholders: VM Media Investment Ltd., VME Virtual Media & Entertainment Ltd.

Status of the company: Independent

Type of company: Private

Number of employees: 16

Contact details

CEO of the sales house/Head of Sales dpt

Name: Michaela Surakova

Title: Managing Director

Contact person

Name: Michaela Vasilova

Reference person

Sales Director: Róbert Martiška,

Head of Research & Marketing: Pavel Müller

Channel Account Manager: Tatiana Bizovová,

Corporate Intelligence Director: Tomasz Puczkowski,

Market data

Ownership/status of the TV channels commercialised by the sales house: Private
Type of TV channels commercialised by the sales house: Combination of Free-to-air, Paid & Thematic
Names of TV channels commercialised by the sales house: AMC, Arena Sport, AXN, Cartoon Network, CS Film, CS History, CS Horror, CS Mystery, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Eurosport 1, Film +, FilmBox, JOJ Cinema, JOJ Family, Minimax, National Geographic, REBEL, RELAX, Šlágr TV, Šlágr 2, Spektrum, Sport 1, Sport 2, TLC, TV BRNO 1, TV 8, TV Paprika, V1 - East Bohemian Television
Other media commercialised by the sales house: none


Audience share of the channels commercialised by your sales house
Total (linear TV): 4,23 %
Source: ATO – Nielsen Admosphere, Live, 2019, Share, TG 4+
Total (linear TV + VOSDAL): 4,31 %
Source: ATO – Nielsen Admosphere, Live + TS0–3, 2019, Share, TG 4+
Sales house’s market share:
Total (TV): 4,22 %
Source: ATO – Nielsen Admosphere, Live + TS0–3, 2019, TRP 30s of break, TG 4+


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