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World Television Day 2014

21 October 2014

Television industry unites for United nations’ “World television day”


egta, ACT and EBU celebrate TV’s ‘best moments’. Broadcasters across Europe, Asia, Canada, USA and Australia have been invited to screen a 30 second video commissioned by the organizations in recognition of the crucial role TV plays to inform, educate and entertain.


egta President Franz Prenner says the initiative celebrates television’s everlasting audience appeal.

 “Television viewing across most European countries is stable or increasing,” said Mr Prenner. “Throughout the European Union, the average viewer tunes in for 236 minutes a day. The odd fluctuation cannot mask the big picture that people love to consume quality content on multiple screens, including OTT. TV is only beginning to embrace its golden age!”


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The PEPP.TV group also published facts and figures about Social TV to celebrate World TV Day


Television: the social medium  - Stats from around Europe reveal new viewing habits


21 November 2014, Brussels: Television is the social medium. People watch it together, either with friends and family in the same room or in the company of their social networks online via tablets, smartphones and laptops.


To mark World Television Day on 21 November, TV organisations from around Europe have brought together the latest statistics to reveal how TV and social media complement each other. The insights show how ‘multi-screening’ is becoming a mainstream activity in many countries, how TV drives commentary online and how the marriage of TV and internet-connected second screens presents opportunities for advertisers.


Multi-screening now mainstream

  • During peaktime viewing in the UK, 74% claim to have picked up an internet connected device during TV ad breaks, with very little difference between age groups, social demographics or gender (Craft/Thinkbox ‘Screen Life: TV advertising everywhere’, 2014)
  • Most TV shows attract some social media commentary, but the shows which attract the most tend to be live sports and reality TV shows - the 2014 BRIT Awards in the UK saw a vast volume of Twitter conversation with 4.2 million Tweets about the show.
  • 42% of French viewers aged 15-60 say that they have engaged with a TV programme via a social network (OmnicomMediaGroup/ Mesagraph – Social Télévision)
  • 37% of Swiss say that it’s “normal” and “commonplace” to use the internet while watching TV (Publisuisse, ‘Media du Future 2017’)
  • In Spain, 62% of people claimed in 2013 to use a second screen while watching TV – an increase of 11 percentage points compared to the previous year (Televidente 2.0, 2013)
  • In Sweden, 55% viewers have used another screen (smartphone, tablet or computer) while watching TV (MMS Moving Images 2014:1)
  • 33% of people in Poland have multi-screened and almost half of multi-screening activity (49%) is in order to look at content that is related to what is being watched (Millward Brown ‘AdReaction 2014’).


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