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Questions and topics

This survey looks at approaches to identifying users, targeting, consent mechanisms and using first-party data in a digital advertising environment with no third-party cookies.
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Questions included in the survey:

  • How has the impending cookie deprecation altered your approach to audience identity?
  • What universal identifiers (if any) are you using to declare or infer the identity of your commercial audience?
  • What solutions do you have in place to serve advertising in cookie less environments?
  • What identity partner(s) are you working with to achieve this?
  • How has this affected your ability to target, optimise, measure and attribute ad campaigns?
  • Has this affected your advertising revenues, and if so, how?
  • Are you using clean rooms as part of your solution, if so, how?
  • At the point of sign-in, what registration information is asked for?
  • What options/opt-ins are included in relation to advertising?
  • Have you placed any advertising cookie functionality as necessary within your consent mechanism?
  • What audience segments do you sell (DIGITALLY) – and on what basis/data are the audiences created?
  • What is the pricing model used for these segments?
  • What % of overall video revenue (if applicable) comes from 1st-party data segments?

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