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World Radio Day 2018 - a day to celebrate the power of radio.

Brussels, 13 February 2018Radio broadcasters and their sales houses are this year again taking the opportunity of World Radio Day, as declared by UNESCO in November 2011, to invite the industry to celebrate a medium that forms a key part of the lives of millions of people around the world.


Who better than marketers themselves can testify to radio’s core strengths? egta is proud to showcase industry leaders’ testimonials on how radio and audio help them achieve their marketing objectives – see the collection of testimonials here: PDF or PPT.


Radio delivers strong ROI, amplifies the media mix and helps brands grow. Developments in data and technology, as well as the proliferation of voice assistance will carry the audio industry forward. 2018 will be the year of audio for listeners, broadcasters and publishers, as well as marketers.


Let’s hear from the industry leaders around the world on why they embrace radio as an effective medium and advertising platform.


“Technology is rapidly reshaping our behavior in many challenging ways. One of those is that people nowadays can -and will- opt-out from undesired messages, on almost any platform.
Radio however, is one of the few wide-reach channels that still allow brands to fully reach big audiences. We believe that provided you're willing to invest enough in creativity and engagement, the specific 'personal' and 'nearby' characteristics of this medium offer great potential to earn and build attention on a large scale, at a very reasonable cost.”

--- Jonas Braun, Media Strategy & Special Projects at Lidl Belgium & Luxemburg


‘’Radio planning has always played an important role in Alitalia’s communication strategy. Through the right selection and mix of radio channels, time bands and breaks, radio allows us to be close to our core target audience and to increase the reach on a broader scale according to the different communication objectives of every advertising campaign. It is a dynamic medium. We listen to it for news and entertainment; it can accompany the consumer in many activities and parts of the day and it can often make him/her a media protagonist instead of a simple listener. Radio is in excellent health and will still be a key player in the media scene for several years.”

--- Luca Fantozzi, Communication planning and Media manager at ALITALIA


For more testimonials and to review initiatives from previous editions of World Radio Day visit

13 February 2018

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World TV Day 2017: press release

World TV Day 2017: press releases are now available.

20 November 2017

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TV and radio executives optimistic for growth, expect opportunities in a changing media landscape

TV and radio executives optimistic for growth, expect opportunities in a changing media landscape. Results of an exclusive egta survey reveal expectations for the industry.

21 June 2017

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egta’s new president makes a call for the TV and radio industry enter a new era of transformation

Industry leaders stress the importance of coopetition for future growth at egta’s annual CEO and Top Executives Summit

20 June 2017

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World Radio Day: Six key arguments for radio advertising

13 February 2017

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Value of Advertising study

New study show economic benefits of advertising.

16 January 2017

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PeppTV celebrates World TV Day as well!

PEPPTV publishes international figures showing the immense popularity of TV. 

21 November 2016

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2016 World Television Day

egta joins forces with EBU/ACT to celebrate World TV Day.
Global figures reveal once again how influential TV is today!

14 November 2016

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Huge audiences around the world enjoy the Olympic Games on TV and online
This year’s Olympic Games in Rio were a massive TV and online hit in every corner of the globe. Nine countries have put together TV viewing data for the opening and closing ceremonies and for high performing Olympic moments.

29 August 2016

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Live football brings people together around TV, especially younger audiences

As Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo raised the Euro 2016 trophy in Paris on Sunday night, TV broadcasters around Europe celebrated outstanding viewing figures during the tournament.

14 July 2016

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New figures show that TV is the world’s favourite video

PEPPTV: TV trade bodies from around the globe publish reports to put video consumption in perspective.

See how TV dominates the video landscape.

7 June 2016

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World Radio Day: 7 Top Trends in Marketing in 2016: Radio Ready

egta celebrates World Radio Day on 13 February 2016.

13 February 2016

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egta launches its new web platform

On 15 January 2015 egta launched its new web platform.

15 January 2016

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2015 World Television Day

egta joins forces with EBU/ACT to celebrate World TV Day. Global stats reveal how TV dominates Millennials’ media lives:


21 November 2015

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More bangs for your bucks

European broadcasters demonstrate their optimism for 2015 and beyond

26 February 2015

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World Television Day 2014

Television industry unites for United nations’ “World television day”

21 October 2014

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PEPPTV: FIFA World Cup final

PEPP TV:  FIFA World Cup final breaks records for TV broadcasters
As Philipp Lahm raised the FIFA World Cup trophy in the Maracana on Sunday night, TV broadcasters around the world joined in celebrating an outstanding set of results from the FIFA World Cup 2014.


14 July 2014

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egta guidelines on audiovisual audience measurement

egta pulishes its guidelines on the audiovisual audience measurement.

28 May 2014

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